Potomac Russian Academy

Russian Day Care in Potomac, Rockville and Bethesda for children from 1.5 to 5 years.  Uses "program of education and training in kindergarten" by M.A. Vasilieva, V.V. Stamp, T.S. Komarova.  Russian language, language development, laying the foundations of writing.  Learning English.  Mathematics using L.G. Peterson approach.  Music lessons, drawing, arts and crafts.  Preparation and performance of children on thematic concerts several times a year.  Social skills development. Physical education, development of fine and gross motor skills.

Classes by category:

  • The child and the world
  • The development of speech
  • The development of elementary mathematical concepts and logic
  • Drawing
  • Modeling
  • Production of handicrafts (design , application , etc.)
  • Physical education
  • Music classes 2 times a week

Hours: Monday - Friday from 8am to 6pm.  Four locations in Rockville/Potomac/Bethesda/Gaithersburg area.

11706 Coldstream Dr Potomac, MD
301-983-1805, 301-461-0648
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