MAX BARSKIH in Washington DC

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Max Barskikh with a tour of North America with the show program Bestseller.

In autumn, the singer will begin his tour of the USA and Canada with a super show that was a huge success in Poland and Kazakhstan.

The program will include the artist's golden hits, which have become the soundtracks of life for millions of fans, songs of indomitability, written since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, and a special surprise - Ukrainian-language versions of the most popular compositions, including "Fogs". The purpose of the tour is charity. From each purchased ticket, part of the funds goes to the targeted needs of the Ukrainian army.

"We, the artists of Ukraine, must do everything so that Ukraine resonates in all corners of the world, so that the history of our resistance, our people, inspires other countries. It's not about the state of the victim, but about confidence in victory and pride in who we are," the singer comments on future performances.

The program of the show consists of three blocks: the first - absolute hits of the artist, to which Max's large audience grew for 15 years.

In the first block, Barskikh sings songs that made him popular, songs with which people associate the best memories: weddings, birthdays, first kisses.

Next comes the modern block - songs written by the singer from the first days after the start of the war.

The third block is completely new compositions that will be included in Max's upcoming English-language album. Thus, together with the listener, the artist experiences a natural rebirth from the past to the future.

Come, let's sing our favorite songs together in unison.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear Max Barskih live on the Bestseller World Tour!




Karma Lounge, DC
2221 Adams Pl NE, Washington, DC 20018, USA
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