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Kavkaz Kebab

Kavkaz Kebab is a family owned restaurant specializing in authentic Azerbaijani cuisine. Our cooking techniques are simple. We use only the best quality meat, fresh vegetables, and homemade seasonings. Open for lunch and dinner, Kavkaz Kebab provides a home-cooked meal in a casual yet cozy atmosphere. We prepare our marinades based on the recipes passed down from generation to generation. Our marinades combined with the best quality of meat, fish, and poultry that we offer, is what makes our kebabs juicy and flavorful. Our menu also contains popular dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine such as...

Silk Road Bistro

Come to the Silk Road Bistro and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed green tea, authentic Uzbek cuisine and the hospitality of the Orient.

Samovar Restaurant

Russian and Central Asian restaurant Samovar located in Downtown Rockville.

Mari Vanna

From Russia to Washington DC With Love, Fun and Food! Russian restaurant in the center of Washington, DC welcomes you.