Elizabeth Krukova, Esq. and associates

Family Law


Property Division;


Child support;

Spousal support;

Marital Agreements;

Domestic Violence;

International Law.


Immigration Law

Immigration law is federal and applies equally to all states. Most immigration filings are done by mail. This allows us to successfully represent clients wherever they live or do business. Thus, we can represent you even if you live in a different state. We utilize email, FedEx, fax, and the phone extensively so distance makes no difference in representing you while you are in-state or far away. On the other hand, when there is a need to represent you in court or other federal immigration administrative agencies in person we are located in the area where all of these agencies are concentrated.


Civil Practice


Wills and Trusts

Probate and Estate Administration

Landlord / Tenant Rights

Breach of Contract

Creditors and Debtors Rights

Consumer rights



Business & Corporate Practice

Anticipating legal problems is our strategy. Solutions for each aspect or issue in your business is our goal. Our firm will not only represent you in court, but most importantly can also put into place safeguards to help keep you out of court. Our preventive services and strategies can save thousands of dollars for your business in a long run.

Washington D.C. area is unique as it combines at least three jurisdictions: Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia. You have to have a lawyer who can advise you how your out-of-state acts would affect you in a neighboring state. If you have an international contract, however, most likely it would be governed by the laws of the state of New York Our lawyers are licensed to practice law in all three states and are able to provide you the most comprehensive legal advice.

We work with our clients to determine exactly what legal services best fit their needs and their budgets. Many of our services can be done either on an hourly basis or for a flat fee. Our pricing is very competitive, but does not require the sacrifice of quality and personal attention that you and your business deserve.

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