Blue Giraffe Education Center

Welcome to Blue Giraffe!

The world of creativity, exploring our talents, and English with heavy Russian accent in Clarksburg/Germantown area and in Washngton DC!  We offer two types of programs: Art programs and Russian Language related programs.  Art programs include: art classes for ages 3 - 100 years old.  If you are 100+ year old - please give us a call!  We create paintings, drawings, collages, 3-D shapes, and much much more!  We work with watercolors, tempera, acrylic, different types of clay, paper, card boards, plastic, and fabrics. All materials are child safe and nature friendly.  We paint on different types of paper, cardboards, wood and canvases. 

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21925 Frederick Rd, Boyds, MD 20841
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