Boris Grebenshikov and Aquarium: "Abordazh"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Boris Grebenshikov and Aquarium in DC!


Boris Grebenshchikov is one of the most prominent members of the generation which is widely considered the "founding fathers" of Russian rock music. Due as much to his personal contribution as to the undisputed and lasting success of his main effort, the band Aquarium (active since 1972 until today), he is a household name in Russia and the countries of former Soviet Union. Grebenshchikov is often called as 'Grandfather of Russian Rock'. During the 70's and 80's Aquarium created an entirely unique musical and social aesthetic. Influenced by a variety of music styles and cultures, the group's sound nevertheless remained recognizable - whether performing quiet love ballads, light dancing reggae or powerful rock-n-roll anthems.

Concert will take place at The State Theater in Falls Church, VA on May 14, 2015 ат 7pm.

The State Theatre
220 N Washington St, Falls Church, Virginia 22046
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