What Really Happened: "I Was There". Letter from an Israeli Soldier

June 6, 2010 - 15:41


First of all, I want to apologize for the bad try to write in English. But its really important. If u heard or not, the Israeli navy took over 6 ships that try to get in to Gaza on Sunday. The media as usual, try to represent Israel as killers and cruel, but I was there, and I want u to know what really happens there. Friday morning we left Haifa port as a command ship to find the “peace activity” ships. In one day we found theme all 6, south of Cyprus. Sunday noon the ships started to move south to Gaza, and we started to escort theme while begging them to not try go into Gaza strip, because it under sea blockade and telling them that they can get in to Ashdod port, and after we will check the supply, it will all be taken to Gaza. They decided to not cooperate, they said: “Fuck you, go back to Auschwitz!” and so we send our navel Commandos to take over the ships. One of them, was “MAVY MARMARA”, passengers ship, which on the board were 500-700 people. We thought that they are peace — activists, so no way that there will be violence, but just in case the Commandos went there with paint ball rifles!!! And pistols for emergency case. Well, the first soldier that came down off the chopper was beaten the hell out0

I saw him fall on deck and something like 100 angry guys just jump on him and started hitting him. They throw him from the upper deck to the lower one and after that they took his equipment and start hitting him when he was unconsciousness and while they yelling “Alla Ackbar!!!” which mean god is great in Arabic. The soldiers that were injured, were evacuated to my ship and from it, in a chopper to the hospital. They told us what they had to deal with there. How they have been attacked with bats, knifes and even true weapons. They told us they didn’t have a chance to survive without not shooting the people's legs. Some of them opened fire on our soldiers and they didn’t have a choice but to shoot them to the center of the body and this is how they died. 9 “peace activists” have died on the MARMARA's board. 2 commando soldiers are badly damaged — one with a bullet in the stomach and one with a break on his skull. I want to inform u guys 2 things: 1. believe me and not the media. I was there, I know. 2. tell everyone how moral IDF is. Who use paint ball against 500 people that want to kill u in the name of god??? By the way, All of the humanitarian equipment has been checked and is on the way to Gaza right now.

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