International Women's Day Celebration at Washington. WEAR a HAT to succeed!

March 11, 2010 - 21:51


On Saturday March 6, 2010, Theater WEAR a HAT in cooperation with The American Association of Russian Language, Culture and Education and Russian Cultural Centre presented an International Women's Day Performance of Ludi Hettick's unique musical-flower hats collection with models both young and old.
Presenting this unique collection at the Russian Cultural Centre were models-actresses of the main troupe of the Theater WEAR a HAT - lady wards of Rainbow Gardens Adult Day Care Center, Gaithersburg, MD included Lidia Golub, Elza Rakova, Dora Rozovskaya, Liza Levin, Diana Leibo, Mary Kotlyrskaya, and the administration of the theater Luda Clark and Mila Dmitruk.
Ludi Hettick with main group of theater WEAR a HAT
Hat Show in Russian Cutural Center in Washington DC
 Specially invited participant ladies included: Maria Andreeva, Russian Cultural Centre; Svetlana Sokolova, the president of the American Association of Russian, Culture and Education (AARCE); Yelena Staroselskaya, the president of the Russian Washington and the director of; Elizabeth Krukova, one of the founders of the Сlub ARBAT, and Attorney of National Capital Legal Services; Victoria Znutin-Sharipova, the hostess of А; Anna Belashchenko, a chair of Booz Allen Hamilton's Eastern European Forum, and publisher a weekly newsletter promoting cultural events of the Great Washington (2002-08); Allona Gorne, the president of the Washington Interpreting Tours; Svetlana Potapova, biologist of the NIH, and actress of theater Capital Kapustnik; Tatyana Floyd, the graphic designer, photographer of ААRCE.
Children's hats collection was represented by daughter of the invited person: Lena Belashchenko - 9 months old, Irina Clark - 2 years old, Veronica Polushina - 9 years old, and Liza Chernova - 13 years old.
Spring Dance performed by Luda Clark
Unfortunately, not all declared participants could be at the show. For example, Svetlana Prudovskaya, the video-reporter of Voice of America, was absent out of business necessity. In honor of her and the very popular program for teenagers on the First ORT TV channel Marathon-15, which she produced, the musical accompaniment to the program was played. This music was composed by her spouse, Victor Prudovsky.
Ekaterina Moscowskaya, the president of the Russian Artists Union in the USA, was only able to come in order to express her support.
The images of the main hats of this musical-flower collection are cast by songs and fairy-tales. In addition, especially for this show, Ludi Hettick has created new hats because of specific features of the participants. Each presented hat is a very unique. The excited audience saw the following hats: "Bird of Happiness", "Dark Blue Fog", "Photo-hat", "Poppies", "White little horses wings Clouds", "Dew", "Sunflower", "Indian Summer", "Orange life", "Wild Strawberry", "Fire-flower", "Cornflower", "Madam Butterfly", "Attorney-hat", "Yellow Tulips", "Purple Fog", "Red hat", "Pink roses", "Rainbow", "Music", "Spring" and "Sunrise". Even the names tickle your imagination not to mention that each hat by Hettick is a true work of art which tells its own story using no words.
All dressed up ladies were accompanied by gentlemen included actors of the main troupe of theater WEAR a HAT: Zinovy Sigalov, Ivan Buyanov, Anatoly Rakov and organizers, sponsors, admirers, relatives as well.
Each hat's presentation was accompanied by a suitable song or music specially selected by Victor Prudovsky.
The host of the show was Nikolai Zapisochny who did a very nice. The show was a tremendous success.
Besides the participation in the hats show, singer Olga Orlovskaya (soprano) added more beauty to the event with her bewitching timbre of voice. She is the winner of international contests and festivals, the soloist of leading Moscow Operas Theaters. She was on tour in almost all capital cities of Europe and in 50 cities in America. She is the founder of the group "Russian Sopranos".
A special appearance at the celebration was made by Mariinsky soloist Timur Abdikeyev. He is a grant-receiver from the Russian president Vladimir Putin, and a finalist of the international contests at La Scala theatre. He was on a tour in many cities and capitals of Europe and Asia. As a gift for all women in the audience he performed famous song "O Sole Mio".
Traditionally Russian appetizers, white and red wine were served for the guests. Participating sponsors providing the food and wine were Nostangie Bistro (Russian, Georgian and European cuisine, wine), Rockville, MD, personally represented by Konstantin Khizder and Alenka store (European food, wine and beer), Alena Ataeva, Montgomery Village Center, MD. Dessert was beautiful cakes in the shape of hats decorated with flowers that Debra Odom, confectioner of Giant Food Store (Fox Mill Shopping Center, VA), made especially for the event.

There were many prizes from organizers and sponsors. These included:

     — 50 gift cards from the SPA WORLD (Centreville, VA);

— 40 invitations to the 1st Children Theatrical Festival organized by AARCE, personally represented by Svetlana Sokolova;
— 5 orchestra tickets for the National Symphony Orchestra performance at the Kennedy Center donated by Anna Belashchenko;
— three certificates from a delivery service of flowers and gifts worldwide from Flamingo —, Oleg Nayandin;
— two subscriptions to Seagull magazine —, Gennady Krochik;
— two certificates from Cafe Assorti (European, Russian and Kazakh cuisine, pastries and cakes) —, Aidos Bekturganov (Arlington, VA);
— a certificate for trip to New York (Brooklyn) from, Leonid Fridman;
— a gift card from Giant Food Store, Ms. Imogene Wilson (Fox Mill Shopping Center, VA);
— a certificate from Salon Nuance (Metro Center, Washington, DC) personally represented by Anna Hall;
— a certificate from Hair boutique Tigani (Dupont Circle, Washington, DC);
— a tea set from personally represented by Yelena Staroselskaya;
— natural products from personally represented by Lyudmila Goldman;
— a lesson of ballroom dance personally from instructor Mikhail Samsonov who took part in accompany ladies during the hats show;
— and other prizes as a doll, coffees, tea, chocolate, gift sets for women, and CDs.
The main purpose of celebrating Women's Day has been reached — each attending woman got a gift — beautiful fresh roses were presented to each lady! They were decorated by florist Digna Guzman and were kindly given by Giant Food Store, Ms. Imogene Wilson (Fox Mill Shopping Center, VA).
Many thanks to all participants of the show and to Ludi Hettick, the art director of Theater WEAR a HAT, for her desire to present a beautiful performance to spectators, and for her unique hats collection which inspired people to participate in the show.
Special gratitude is expressed to all people who were at the genesis of the organization of this holiday for women, namely to: Evgeny Agoshkov, the director of the Russian Cultural Centre for his support; Maria Andreeva, for help in event preparation and personal participating in the show; Svetlana Sokolova, president of ААRCE, for her support, cooperation and personal participating in the show.
We are also very thankful for the information support of Yelena Staroselskaya, Director of; Victoria Znutin-Sharipova, the hostess of А; Gennady Krochik, the host of; and Elizabeth Krukova, the founder of Club АRBAT.
Special thanks to administration of Theater WEAR a HAT, namely to: Luda Clark, for event organization and getting sponsors involved, party preparation and supervising; Mila Dmitruk for help in event preparation and party supervising; Darya Soldatenkova for getting sponsors involved, party preparation and supervizing, cakes and flowers delivery; Evan Clark for his support. And also thanks to all people who helped a lot during the party, namely to: Yevheniy Burshtyn, admirer of Ludi Hettick's talent, sponsor; Lena Peshkova, Patricia Beauregard, Aaron Ansell, Victoria Kesselman and Irina Grey. Many thanks to Tatiana Floyd, for her design of the announcement-poster and photo-shooting during the show which pictures you can view at our Photo Gallery.
The reporting has prepared by Luda Clark.
Translated to English by Evan Clark.
March 2010
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